Letter by Founder of GigOnomee

My name is Nur Ain Hassan. I have a big passion in helping people all around the World to solve problems and make this World a better place for everyone. I love to share with other people what I know about making money online, online business strategies, digital marketing and many more. 🙂
I was born in Singapore, in 1991. When I was 16, I had already thought of doing business. At that time, I thought that there might be an easier way to do business and earn extra money. I looked out for free resources online and found out about online Affiliate Marketing. I was left confused as I did not understand how it work. I read that it was as if so easy but I then found out that I would need a website and a squeeze page which require me to invest money. At that time, I did not own any bank card to pay so I did not proceed.
The interest did not die off. When i’m 23, I started to attend courses like SEO and SEM marketing. I also attended an Affiliate Marketing course which cost me $7000 (it was truly a ripped off). I also attended a course which allowed me to have an online franchised digital products. Although I have not gotten any return on my investments, I am still thankful that along the years, I gain many experience and skills which I am very excited to share.
I do not want many people to waste their time, money and effort like I did before because not everyone has the advantage as I did. With all these difficulties that I faced, it made me think that I should make it slightly easier for most people to allow them to generate some money, legitly via the internet. So that was how I decided to create GigOnomee.com. The concept idea came to me when I was 24.
With GigOnomee, now everyone can ulitise their passion, skills and talent to make money online while helping others from all over the World. There are many methods to deliver services such as conducting one to one coaching or consultation sessions, selling digital products or even do any digital work or online tasks. GigOnomee will also be one of the best places for those who need to outsource their tasks or projects.
The types of services that can be offered can be related to various aspects of life like finance, career, business, relationships, health, metaphysics and others.
We ensure safe and secured transactions with proper delivery of services, to ensure the satisfaction of both Sellers and Buyers on GigOnomee. It is always free to sign up an account on GigOnomee so feel free to explore it!

My goal is to bring people together to seek and share solutions to life problems related to finance, career, business, relationships, health and spiritual and many more, by providing a platform that allows selling and buying of these services, all done in one website.