Health and Safety Guidance Manual

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A guidance document for managers responsible for occupational safety and health programs.

Work plays an essential role in the lives of people, so that most workers spend at least eight hours a day in the workplace, and a plantation, an office, an industrial workshop. Thus, the working environment must be safe and healthy, which does not happen in the case of many workers. Every day of the year there are workers around the world in a series of health risks, such as:
Extreme temperatures

This gig is the set of objectives, actions and methodologies established to identify, prevent and control those dangerous processes present in the work environment and minimize the risk of occurrence of incidents, work accidents and diseases.

Safety and Health Policy
Safety and Health Management Program
Safety Planning
Personal Protective Equipment
Specific Safe Work Requirements
Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene
Hazard Warnings
Hazardous Atmospheres
Subcontractors Requirements
Quality of Life Requirements
Project Hazard Communication Program
Work Process
Fuel and Gases

Safety and Health Manual


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