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Having a happy and healthy life is challenged by the way you are dealing with stress. There is no "no-stress" life.. It is, actually, that some of us developed this skill throughout their lives, and some of us haven't. Someone did it on his own, learning from experience, others asked for help.

The most important thing to know is that managing stress is a skill, and that, as any other life skill, can be practiced and inproved. What are your stressors, do you recognize which they are and when they are comming? Do you recognize your reactions, can you control any of them? Does any of your stress reactions influence any of your relations with other people? Why? What can you do about it? 

If you need support in order to stay on track, avoid dropping out and strength for self-coaching - please, turn to my Gig extras and I will develop a workbook to help you go through the process.

"Usually, you are just one decision away of having a totally different life!"

Stress management


1 PPT presentation and 9 Word documents - exercises and extra tips

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