Proofread, Translate, Comment and Write

I will edit, proofread, translate, comment and write

About This Service

I am a freelance journalist and an experienced editor. I'm a fast worker and I'm interested in going above and beyond -- not just editing, but offering advice and suggestions on your work. I have experience with all types of editing, from articles to papers to creative writing to blog posts to books and more. My finished product comes in two documents: one which shows every single edit I made as well as any comments, and another which is the finished product, so you can see what I have done. After delivery, all further small edits and answered questions about my work are free of charge. *Please contact me to discuss pricing before ordering! Ordering without speaking prior will result in a cancelled order. Thank you!*

Up to 500 words


Up to 500 words of basic proofreading (grammar, etc). Layout, in-depth edits, or fast delivery extra

 4 Days Delivery    

What's Included

  • Number of Words - 500