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My strengths are honesty, hardwork and determination of never giving up. My skills are various. I started as forum poster, worked as project bidder, junior web developer/programmer doing web tweaks, Virtual Assistant and finally a teacher. 

I spent most of upwork hours as VA and while being VA, I did miscellaneous tasks like data entry, web research, data collection and much more. What comes second is web as I have spent most of my time doing web tweaks. In web, I have worked most with wordpress. I have helped with wordpress installations, configurations and customization. The only website I made from scratch was in Joomla and unfortunately, It is no longer live. As of being a teacher, I taught programming to a 5th grade student and Maths to 3rd grade student for about 2 months.

My accomplishments are having overall 5/5 feedback.

My education is BS (Computer Science)

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