Beautiful Crafts Video

I will create beautiful craft video

About This Service

I will create beautiful crafts for your social media. Its include special music and subtitles. All you need to do is to send me a picture  that you want me to do. 
I can create my videos my self or you can send the crafts photos and I create the video from it. 
The video looks like in the gig. 

Commercial license IS included so you can use the video for your business. I also offer an:Exclusive License where you receive the Exclusive Right to use my videoI will not sell it to any other client and I will also NOT publish your video-recipe on my youtube channel.The video will be yours alone.PLEASE LOOK AT OTHER MY GIGS: I CAN MAKE PERFECT INTRO, LOGO ANIMATION, SLIDESHOW, KINETIC TYPOGRAPHY ETC. 

Craft video


Simple craft video in 4K. 1 minute

 7 Days Delivery    

What's Included

  • 3 Pages
  • 1 Product
  • Design Customization
  • Responsive Design
  • Content Upload
  • Setup Payment Gateway
  • 3 Plugins/Extensions