Branding and Marketing Consultant

I will be your branding and marketing consultant

About This Service

About This Gig

My name is Jessica and I've been working with growing small-medium sized businesses for nearly a decade.

My expertise in aligning branding and digital marketing with target audiences is supported by my in-office team, ensuring your project gets the attention it needs.

All my consultancy services begin with a free 30-minute call to ensure I'm the right fit for your business. 

Most branding and marketing projects have 3 elements and I'm proud to offer all three:
  1. Marketing Services: $40/Hour
    This may include consulting, meetings, campaign management, creating schedules, etc.
  2.  Video Editing/Graphic Design: $30/HourThis includes video editing for ads or posts as well as designing any SM posts, brochures, etc.
  3. VA Services: $25/Hour
    This may include tasks such as list building, social media management, blog writing, follow-up calls, etc. 

My services include:
• Planning & Calendars
• Rebranding & Brand Development 
• Design Overhauls
• Social Media Readiness & Managing
• Content Creation (Blogs, graphics, etc.)
• Digital Marketing (Google Ads, SEO, Sponsorships & Partnerships)
• Campaign Management
• Funnel Development 

Hourly Rate


1 hour of branding & marketing consultancy.

 1 Day Delivery    

What's Included

  • Package - 1 hour of branding & marketing consultancy.
  • Tailored Action Plan
  • Marketing Strategy Report
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Promotional Campaign



How do I know how many hours are going into my project?


I keep a spreadsheet in Google Sheets which you'll always have access to. This tracks time and shows what kind of service is being rendered.