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I think that you are like me, having enough of contraceptive pills and their large side effects : Low libido ,Breast Pain, depression, headache, acne, change in body weight, high blood pressure, risque of breast Cancer....So I decided to stop taking pills and look for natural family planning methods ... I took my time to learn about it : I read a lot of medical thesis, articles, books, blogs, user experiences... I found that sympthoterm method is the most trustworthy natural method: Based on Scientific thruths, Simple to apply, Free, Healthy and garantee 100% of contraception. I am using it for about 5 years without any pregnancy before I decided to become pregnant and I am completly satisfied about it : I have taught other women : Friends, colleagues... and it did work for them also. So, I decided to help other women to stop pills and purify their body.
In this Gig :
- You will Learn about Woman's Cycle and Symptotherm method : How to take your BBT, to Track your cervical mucus change, to identify other fertility signs and to Target your ovulation day ...
- I am offering you a monitoring along your cycle and interpretation of your BBT Chart.

Natural family planning coach


Your will Learn about : Woman's Cycle, Symptotherm method. Monitoring along your menstrual cycle.

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