Auspicious Dates Reading for Event

I will give auspicious time for starting an event

About This Service

Any event (such as marriage, starting a business, joining a job or house warming for example) started at an auspicious time is most likely to be beneficial and successful.

Auspicious time for the same event differs from person to person because it is dependent on (1) planetary configuration in the birth chart (2) Scheduled place of the event and (3) The proposed date for the event.

The birth data of concerned person is necessary to verify whether this auspicious time is favorable for him/her or not. This is essential because generally it many times the place of proposed event and the place of birth are different.

Client shall specify an eventtime window (like a week or so or from some date to another in particular month) mentioning the place where event is proposed to be performed and of course the birth data.

Three most auspicious dates and time (in a given time frame) will be communicated to client to choose from. 

Muhurta (Auspicious time)


Event started at auspicious time is successful. Need birth data, event & its place and date.

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  • Package - Muhurta (Auspicious time)