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I will provide a diet plan or chart for you or be your nutritionist

About This Service

I am Nutritionist Shirajam Munira, planned meal, food and nutrition programs, and supervised the preparation and serving of meals. Practicing to prevent and treat illnesses by promoting healthy eating habits and recommending dietary.

Now I am practicing in autism nutrition, various diet therapy, and obesity management. I have near about 4 years of experience in calorie based meal planning and lifestyle modification. 

I am graduated & post-graduated on Food and Nutrition from the Islamic University, Bangladesh. 

I am now a consultant nutritionist at CARe Medical College and Hospital Ltd. 

I was a former senior dietitian of Justfit Healthcare (BD) LTD. I also worked as a dietitian at Vibes Healthcare Limited, Dhaka & VLCC 
Healthcare Limited, Dhaka.

If you need any suggestions or counseling about nutrition and food or any dietary modification, just leave a message. 

Thank you. 

7 days diet plan


7 days diet plan

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  • Diet Plan - 7 days diet plan